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Frequently Ask Questions

1) Are inflatable units and equipments cleaned?

Regular cleaning and sanitizing maintenance is performed on all our unit/equipments. We also cleaned and inspect our units in front of our customer so that they can be assure that all units are safe for their children's use. Water units are cleaned and inspected before drop off. 

2) How soon in advance should book a reservations?

Please make your reservations as soon as possible. We suggest 2 weeks in advance prior to event date. Our inflatable units are popular for so many occasions that we are booked out weeks ahead of time, especially water units. Please book in advance for insured availability. 

3) How long are the rental period?

The rental period is for all day, typically any time from 9am-9pm. We can also accommodate with our customer's schedule. Overnight rentals are available at customer request for an additional fee. Events at parks, churches, and businesses must be picked up before nightfall. 

4) Is a deposit required?

$50 deposit are only required for large orders and water units. There are no refunds on deposit made, but you will be credited for future bookings within a 12 month period. 

5) How and when do we pay?

We accept payment of cash, check or credit card at time of delivery or payment can be paid in full at time of booking. Please have checks or money order payable to JC . All bounce checks will be prosecuted. 

6) What are your cancellation policies?

You may cancel your reservation due to bad weather, but deposits are credited not refunded. JC PARTY RENTALS understand that unforeseen events can cause cancellations and will work with our customer's situations. If cancel due to bad weather, we will try to reschedule if that's what the customer wants. However, once units/equipment are delivered and set up, there will be no refund. 

7) Do we need electricity?

You will need a standard 110 volt outlet near where you would like your bounce house to be set up. If no outlet is available, we do offer generators for rent for an additional fee. 

8) How much room do we need?

Our standard bounce houses are 13x13x15, but we carry all sizes of inflatable units. Please allow 2-3 ft clearance on all sides for safe operations units. 

9) How many children can be in the bounce house safely?

Our inflatable bounce houses are equipped with safe stepping platform for children to access in and out of units. Our units can accommodate from 8-10 kids under the age of 12. Please note that older kids can cause overcrowding and run a greater risk for injury. ADULT SUPERVISION ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIME! 

10) Are your inflatable units lead free?

We have 100% lead free inflatable unit that are made in the USA and are safe for your children. 

11) How long does it takes to set-up and pick-up inflatable units?

It usually take about 10-15 minute to set up dry inflatable unit and about 15-30 minutes for wet inflatable units. Pick up can take 15 minutes to an hour depending on size of rentals. 

12) What kind of event do you do?

We specialize in corporate events, churches functions, school events, fundraiser, carnivals, , , birthday parties and Quinceanera. 

13) What type of surface is required for set up?

The preferred surface is on a level grassy area, but we can set up on pavement, asphalt, dirt, and grass. Please specify your type of surface when ordering so we can provide you with proper equipment. A tarp must be use on all surface besides grass. 

14) What are the rules and regulations?

Adult supervision are requires at all times. No food, shoes, silly strings, gum, candy, water, soda, markers, nail polish, balloons, candy wrappers etc, and also no sharp objects or anything that can cause damage to the units. If any of these items are to be found in units when picked up a $50 cleaning fee will be charged. Parents/renters are fully responsible for any damage causes to units. No flipping, fighting, wrestling, or horse playing are allowed in units. 

15) Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and carry a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy. Insurance certificate can be provided at customer request.

Park Inflatable Rental Process

  • Please Note:

1. Contact local park office to get a permit for inflatable rentals for your date.

Please Note:

  • Some parks do not allow bouncers and jumpers
  • Some parks only allow specific sized bouncers.
  • Some parks do not require a permit.

2. Reserve your desired inflatable, along with a generator which is a seperate fee for rental (make sure to note which area of the park you will be located in).


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